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Spreading Hope Through Filmmaking

A Monkey for Christmas

An upcoming family drama

A foster kid finds a good permanent home but needs an illegal monkey and a dangerous situation to find his place in his new environment.

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In a Post-Apocalyptic world where the government manipulated people in order to get them into FEMA camps and where murder has become the norm to survive, Julie struggles to change her ways in order to help her leader save souls.


Filmed and Edited by David Ferry Jr./Produced and Written by Flora Amanda

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Flora Amanda is an American Actress/Filmmaker known for her work on Breaking Bad and Longmire. Most recently, she was cast as the lead on a short film called Underhanded directed by Eddie Hofer III and worked alongside Joseph Curtis Callendar on the TV show Wild Americans as Pine Leaf Directed by Christopher Cassel.

Amanda fell in love with the arts since she was only 5 years old and looked for every opportunity to be on stage. Though she felt she was called to singing, joining Choir and Mariachi in middle school, Amanda loved acting where she could exercise all her talents. She was a natural and was given lead roles in her drama classes.


At the age of 12, Amanda began writing short stories and novels to entertain her younger sister. As she grew in this aspect, she creatively found new ways of writing her stories, not realizing she was writing scripts. It was inspiring to her; so much so, that she got her Associates Degree in Creative Writing and then her Bachelor's Degree in Film Production, learning to Produce and Direct her own films. Though acting is a major part of who Flora Amanda is, telling a good story is priority for her. She's also happy to be multi-talented, able to switch hats at any time when necessary.

Most recent, Flora Amanda is working on CLE's first ever feature film and plans to begin casting early next year.

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As a producer, I plan, coordinate, and manage all work involved in the making of a movie.


As a script doctor for film, I work to rewrite an existing script or improve specific aspects of it, including structure, characterization, dialogue, pacing, themes, and other elements.


As an actor, I and fellow Film and Television actors deliver nuanced performances that can be captured on camera. At times, we may need to work with special effects or green screen technology.


As a script supervisor, I oversee the continuity of the motion picture including wardrobe, props, set dressing, hair, makeup and the actions of the actors during a scene. Scripty's are also responsible for monitoring the camera shots, seeking to maintain coherence between scenes as well as keeping track of film production unit's daily progress. 

Last Breath of Aire


Isolated and Pregnant, young Carmen comes face to face with a demon who comes in the form of her husband who had just died in the hands of his own father.

This is a teaser/short of the screenplay Last Breath of Aire; a Northern New Mexico, Romeo and Juliette story of Carmen and Aire written by Flora Amanda .

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