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A Monkey for Christmas


In this heartwarming family drama, orphaned
Stefan finds a good family, but needs an
illegal monkey being pursued by ruthless
criminals to feel at home.

Christmas Presents


An orphaned kid from California named Stefan, gets adopted by the Marcus family at a time in his life where he feels confused about being neglected and rejected. Struggling to fit in at his new home and new school, Stefan faces bullying and finds it difficult to make friends. He holds onto wise words he received from his social worker to try to focus on positivity, only words do not make him feel welcomed, maybe nothing will.


When a monkey, being trafficked by dangerous criminals, gets swapped in the mail with the Marcus family’s new puppy, Stefan finally finds a friend that needs love and acceptance just as he does. In order to keep the parents happy and keep the monkey they now named Fry, as a family pet, Stefan is encouraged to bond with his siblings. Fry helps the family grow closer, learning to accept one another for who they are.


As Christmas approaches, the Marcus family is distracted by the messes Fry makes ruining Christmas decorations and destroying the house and are oblivious to the dangerous criminals who are determined to steal the monkey back. Stefan, who has come to see Fry as his true friend, goes to great lengths to protect the cute animal from being taken only depending on himself and putting himself into the hands of human traffickers. Stefan finds relief when he sees his siblings have followed the bad guys in order to rescue him and Fry.


The journey back home becomes a beautiful experience allowing the Marcus family to create a bond that nobody can break and sharing life lessons of how to love your neighbor as yourself.

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